2º ESO

Our progress

  This is what we have achived during the last year but we are still trying to find new advances to improve the car.

  • Speed Controller: The speed controller is a new device that we have installed. It allows us to start the car without having to push it.

  • The new body cover: This new body cover is better than the old one because this is harder. We are giving shape to the material with a hot gun and with a wheel, using it to support the panels while we’re giving shape. This new body cover is more aerodynamic so it helps the car to go faster.

  • The tool panel: The tool panel is hanging next to the car we have painted- the tools to differentiate them from the rest and we have hung them from the panelWe made the tool panel three weeks ago and the tools were just painted two weeks ago.

  • Front Bumper: We have installed the new front bumper, to be more aerodynamic. By cutting the cork andputting some flange. 



Thank you to everyone who has trust us during our proyect, specially to all our sponsors.