Hi! We are a team of 9 people of 3rd and 4th of ESO of the gaztelueta school. And this year we have signed up for the greenpower optional class. We have all kinds of hobbies – from photography to mechanics through music and robotics programming – and we will try to put as much of them as possible in the realization of our project!

Some of us got to know the Greenpower initiative at the Castro mobility fair last September and got so inspired that we could gather a whole team to start the project!

We started to build the car on October 1st, when we received the Greenpower kit. Throughout this first term, our main objective has been to build the car following the assembly instructions step by step. It looked easy and simple at first but we soon realised that we had to get organised if we wanted to be efficient. First, because we used the «STEAM room» (with new furniture, tools, etc…) for the first time, we had to prepare our work environment. And secondly, with a bit of trial and error, we managed to set specific tasks for the team so that we didn’t disturb each other while working on the car. We work every monday from 4:30 to 6pm in the room, where we have  a lot of space to work and develop the car. We share the STEAM room with other pupils from different courses ranging from 4 of primary to 4 of secondary school.

Our first step was to build to body of the car riveting and screwing all the parts of the chassis. Then, we built the wheels, the brakes and the car’s steering system.  After doing this, we installed the electric motor and we put the batteries at the back of the car. Finally, we connected the wiring between batteries, motor, ignition, push button, wheels and brakes.

Now that the kit is fully assembled and running, we have divided the team into three groups to be more efficient in its preparation for the first race: body design, engineering, communication & sponsorship. 

Please keep visiting our blog as we will be writing on our progress! 

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