Students develop teamwork skills by building the environmentally-friendly electric cars
They connect and put different disciplines together through a common project



More than 8.000 students from England participate in these races
Other schools from Brazil, India, Ireland, EE.UU. or South Africa have joined the project.



It is developed in English language within the Science, Arts and Technology subject
Every student in the same age range participates


Competencias STEAM

STEM is an acronym which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths.

The demand of qualified professionals on STEAM skills has increased over the last years. There is being an increasing implementation of these skills at school, which is steadily adapting itself to the new needs of the XXI century.

We are talking about a new learning model, based on the teaching of these five disciplines, not like separately knowledge fields, but combined, with a practical and interdisciplinary approach.

STEAM education allows students to develop skills and competences related to innovation, even if they finally don’t choose a scientific or technological professional career.

Environmental awareness

Care for Nature and the use of renewable resources as basic principles of a sustainable environment.

One of the biggest environmental problems that we face in big cities is the pollution created as a result of the combustion of fossil fuels by cars.

Raise awareness among young people about this serious problem and the alternative use of electric and ecological vehicles for city use as a potential solution is the proposal students and teachers at Gaztelueta want to make through a pedagogical and innovative way.

In a very attractive way, this exciting project aims to instill in the students the commitment to the environment, through the construction of 10 non-polluting electric cars and elaborated, as far as possible, with recycled or biodegradable materials.

Entrepeneurial methodology

Basic Project Management, Risk Management and Finantial Management techniques are used to achieve the viability of the project.

The conexión between educational scope and business world, in a real context, make students develop essential competences for their future.

Students must look for sponsors and resources to be able to move forward with their projects, so they also get to work commercial and communication skills, besides elaborating a business plan, which they prepare, explain and defend in front of them in English.

They learn to lead, plan and organize in an efficient and effective way the team work, in a motivating environment.

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