We improve students self-esteem through a personal motivation that results in a better use of their intellectual and social abilities.


We teach individuals to be able to think by themselves and forge a will that make possible to carry out the goals that are freely marked.


We want to prepare our students in a comprehensive way and in essential skills and competences for their future

Gaztelueta School is a government approved private school, situated in Leioa, on the outskirts of Bilbao (Spain), which was founded in 1951 by a group of concerned parents who wanted for their sonss an education that would focus on individual attention, respect for freedom of choice and the development and promotion of personal responsibility as well as a Christian outlook on life.

Innovation at school

Educational Innovation has been a constant at Gaztelueta for the last 65 years.


Spanish, English and Basque: three languages that represent our reality, which students master when they finish school.

Personalized Education

We aim for the highest development of intellectual and social skills of each student, so they can reach the goals the mark for themselves.


We promote meaning of responsibility and solidarity to cooperate to the common good of society and to social progress.

Environment education

We raise students’ awareness on environmental issues and promote measures that help creating a sustainable environment.

Christian values

We carry out an educational programme based on humanitarian, intellectual and Christian principles, which contributes to improving the society in which we live.


Greenpower Challenge

Classroom changes into a cooperative space linked to real life. This new way of learning encourages the capacity of implementing knowledge to new situations and skills considered essential in a world in constant change. Students value positively this methodlogical change because facilitates their motivation and learning.

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Aims. STEAM education

Science: explore consequences that scientific creative progress has had on social thinking and behavior.

Technology: Implement knowledge about materials and production processes to design innovative products.

Engineers: exchange developments and common knowledge between nearby disciplines.

Arts: Explore the impact of ideas and its implementation to new designs.

Mathematics: Identify and simplify problems so it can be mathematically represented, using factors, numbers, symbols, diagrams and other appropriate models.


Key competences

  • For verbal, non verbal and digital communication.
  • Learning to learn and learning to think.
  • Living together
  • For initiative and entrepreneurial spirit
  • Learning to be.

Specific competences

  • Linguistic communication
  • Mathematics
  • Scientific
  • Technologic
  • Social and civic
  • Artistic


Define viable projects that reconcile the economical, social and environmental human activities.

Conserve the environment to preserve the fauna and flora.

Empower the renewable energies to substantially improve the ecosystems.

Seek for built-in innovating alternatives to achieve a healthy and ecological environment

Sustainable development

  • Cooperative learning
  • Metalearning
  • Cognitive Disequilibrium learning
  • Meaningful Learning
  • Flipped Classroom
  • Learning based on projects
  • Gamification
  • Problem based learning
  • Competence based learning
  • Kolb cicle

It’s one of my favourite subjects because it is very entertaining and makes you learn about Maths, Design, English… in a very enjoyable way. We work in small groups. How lucky we are!

Ignacio Smith

I learn to be a mechanic and to work together and is so fun because we are friends working together building a fantastic car

Jorge Zabala

I learn to work in teams, something new like what does a car have inside,about technologý and how a car moves and works.

Tomas Cifrián

I learn to use different tools and also how the parts of the cars work together, and also teamwork.

Diego Iglesias

As a team captain, I learn to work like a team with my partners. I also learn to manage a group of people through good manners.

Manuel Aróstegui

I think it is an interesting subject because we learn things that will be useful in the future, like looking for sponsors or teamwork skills.

Javier Bermejillo

By building an electric car we learn mechanics. Also, working as a team forces yourself to overcome challenges that arise in the process.

Gabriel Gallo

Building electric cars we learn how to solve problems and develop our imagination

Alfredo Arcocha

We learn how to make this car efficient and how the electric motor works

Carlos Martínez

We learn teamwork skills and how to drive an electric car!

Pablo Zumárraga